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About Us

شركة تراء للاستشارات المهنية, هي شركة سعودية ذات مسئولية محدودة ( واشتهرت باسمها المختصر تراء للاستشارات ) ومركزها الرئيسي الرياض, تعمل في مجال الاستشارات المهنية بدأت اعمالها منذ عام 1437 هجرية .

Taraa Consultancy is a business consulting and support platform. We offer a range of quality services to companies and entrepreneurs alike, our customers all sizes and types of businesses


Our goal is to provide leading services to our clients in order to allow us to be among the highest ranked consulting firm in the country


تقديم خدمات استشارية ومساندة مهنية عالية الجودة وفق أفضل الممارسات العالمية مع تعزيز الكفاءة في استغلال الوقت والموارد الأخرى لتعظيم العائد للشركاء.


Achieving overall excellence, realizing the added value of our partner businesses and raising the return on investment in consultancy services, With the appropriate financial return for our consultants. Our commitment is to ensure due diligence and quality in every aspect of our firm.



ترتكز استراتيجيتنا لأعمالنا وخدماتنا التي نقدمها على مستوى عال من الجودة لتحقيق رؤيتنا واهدافنا على المدى الطويل


هو محور أعمالنا حيث نحرص على خلق بيئة عمل داخلية محفزة للإبداع من اجل تلبية توقعات عملائنا ومتطلباتهم


نعمل على تطوير قدراتنا بشكل مستمر لضمان كفاءة مواردنا البشرية على تقديم المنتج الاكثر ملائمة وفق الاحتياجات الحقيقية للعملاء . 


نسعى لتحقيق الالتزام الكامل بكافة التعهدات والاتفاقيات التي نبرمها وكافة القوانين والانظمة الصادرة عن الجهات المنظمة


نلتزم بأعلى مستويات السلوك وأخلاقيات العمل المهني في كافة تعاملاتنا لضمان القيمة المضافة التي تفوق توقعات العملاء. 

Why us ??

We have everything necessary to meet your requirements with complete success

Alliance with international companies                                                      The exchange of experiences greatly helps in development, which has led us to build alliances with leading local and international companies in many consulting fields.

An effective and flexible entrepreneurial methodology    Modern methodologies are chosen that have achieved effective results after continuous studies and follow-up of the latest developments and research in the field of good management methods. They are based on previous experiences and numerous projects, so they will not be a subject of testing, but rather will be a sure way to implement the project as planned.

ISO in the required areas                      In addition to having a work team with technical expertise in the required fields, Tara has obtained an ISO certificate in the same field, which enhances and contributes to providing the required services. 

Successful in helping organizations   Our partnership with the public-private sector in projects related to achieving national initiatives, visions, and development strategies. This expertise will be put at the service of project implementation to ensure its timely implementation and the achievement of goals.

Good knowledge of the business environment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia                                      We have been serving the Saudi community for decades, and the work team includes a majority of competent citizens, and as a work team we aspire to make any project successful with the help of young people.
We will not waste time getting to know the project environment and the various aspects that must be taken into account, but rather we will go directly to work ready to deal with the various parties.